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Marine Biology

Marine Biology - Gail Carriger Being born into a rabidly macho family of werewolves keeps Alex, who has known forever that he’s gay, way inside the closet. What would the pack think!? And what would his mindlessly brutal father do!? Given his proclivities he can’t believe he survived the transformation from human to wolf and now Alex keeps his head down as much as possible, working at a marine biology lab by day. Because of this vague connection to the sea, his pack’s alpha wolf picks Alex for a special undercover mission with 2 merfolk, a siren-like mermaid his pack-mates would give their canines for and her openly flirtatious brother who’s making it very hard for Alex to maintain his straight cover. This is a long short story-about 38 pages-with plenty of room for Carringer to sketch out a present day parallel world suffused with supernaturals—it opens with a cell phone call from a busybody ghost and it’s the Irish Mafia in the form of selkies that Alex and the merfolk are investigating. Witty banter abounds and there’s a wonderful twist at the end.