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The Possibility of You

The Possibility of You - Pamela Redmond Satran The Possibility of You shines as an interwoven, multi-generational story of three realistic and appealing women contending and then living with choices about motherhood. Bridget is a recently immigrated Irish nanny to a wealthy New York City family in 1916, a transitional time when people were trying psychoanalysis and women were lobbying for birth control and the right to vote. Billie is an orphaned teenager in a hippie/counter-culture influenced 1976, on her way to meet the grandmother she never knew existed. Thirty-something Cait is a present day, world traveling journalist and adopted daughter, trying to decide what to do about her unexpected pregnancy and hoping that locating her birth mother will help her make that decision. Part of the pleasure of the novel is the distinctive voices of Bridget, Billie and Cait, and how convincingly each of the three women is set in the cultural milieu of their respective eras.