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Eager reader of history, mystery, classics, biographies, steampunk, lit fic, science, scifi, and etc. My reviews are mostly positive--I rarely finish or write about books I don't enjoy. My TBR is too high for that.


Overseas - Beatriz Williams Julian Laurence/Ashford, a gorgeous, Rupert Brooke-like, WWI era poet is hit by a shell during that war, but instead of dying he time travels to the future, waking in a French hospital in 1996. By the economically volatile year of 2008 he's become a semi-reclusive millionaire Wall Street mogul, passionately and almost inexplicably in love with Kate, a prickly, very modern, 20-something financial analyst flunky that he's only just met. Or have they only just met?Much to Kate's surprise, she and Julian become very serious very quickly and it's not long before he proposes, but as wonderful as everything is something is not quite right. Julian showers Kate in expensive gifts she appreciates but is not that interested in, he's never there when she wakes up in the morning, and he's desperate to protect Kate from a threat he can't or won't explain. Kate's completely smitten, but she's just as determined to be an independent woman--a situation that leads to a lot of arguments and making-up.I'm a fan of WWI era novels, but there isn't as much of that time period in Overseas as I hoped. Instead it's more of a chick lit Wall Street romance, complete with Starbuck's coffee, vicious coworkers, modern slang (except for Julian), expensive bling, and Apple products, which is not my escape genre of choice. That said, it's well written and intricately plotted. It takes some imagination to picture someone in the Rupert Brooke mold working on Wall Street, but the heated relationship of Julian and Kate becomes more credible by the end when their story is fully told.