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Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5)

Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5) - Gail Carriger A wonderful and satisfying latest addition to the Parasol Protectorate, with an abundance of all the elements that make this series so delightful. The steampunk, supernatural, Victorian England setting has expanded this time to Egypt, the heart of the God-Breaker Plague zone, where the oldest vampire in the world has summoned Alexia and her metanatural baby Prudence, a happy, rambunctious child whose special characteristics and powers are beginning to manifest at the most inconvenient times. Alexia’s werewolf husband, Lord Maccon is along for the adventure, as well as cross-dressing inventor Madame Lefoux, and Alexia’s friend Ivy with her twins, her husband, and their acting troupe. The dandy vampire Lord Akeldama is unexpectedly relishing his role as Prudence’s adopted father, Alexia’s long-time and very proper butler Floote is involved in a shocking bit of business, and newly minted werewolf, former vampire drone, Biffy is beginning to find his place in the world. One of my favorite creations of this novel is the balloon-floating nomads of the air who end up playing key role in the resolution of the plot.