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Paris in Love

Paris in Love - Eloisa James After a bout with cancer, romance novelist Eloisa James took a sabbatical from her university job as a Shakespeare scholar and moved to Paris with her family, where she rightfully enjoyed a year of doing nothing much at all. While there she tweeted and posted Facebook updates on the quirks and joys of living in the City of Light, and this book is a collection of those posts. Most are no more than a few sentences long, and her Twitter followers and Facebook friends were probably delighted to read witty, observant updates about food, shopping and her children’s adjustments to school, but, for me, loosely connected paragraphs, no matter how well written, are not the kind of material I want when I sit down with a book. There are several essay length pieces that are more satisfying; I especially enjoyed one titled Rose about a cancer patient friend in a Marilyn Monroe wig. The rest of the book, all the well polished, re-purposed posts, would make great reading for times when only a few minutes are available, in a doctor’s office or just before sleep for instance.