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The House I Loved

The House I Loved - Tatiana de Rosnay A pleasant, historically interesting, but not gripping story set in 1860’s Paris during Napoleon III’s project to modernize the city by razing many of the winding medieval streets and replacing them with long straight boulevards. The book is written in as a series of letters by Rose Bazelet to her 10-years dead husband, updating him on her life since he’s been gone while she hides in the basement of their cherished home, now set to be destroyed in the name of progress.Author Tatiana De Rosnay paints a picture of 19th century Paris and successfully conveys how devastating losing a family home would be, but though the epistolary format has a long history in novel writing, in this book I think the letters keep the reader somewhat separated from the action. Much of what Rose is writing to her husband happened in the past so suspense is built by Rose dropping hints to her husband about sad secrets she’s holding but can’t bear to tell him quite yet. Despite these weaknesses I enjoyed The House I Loved and would love to see it made into a movie—I think Rose’s story would feel more immediate in that format and having visuals of early Paris as it is being transformed could be captivating.