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A rich steampunk world to get lost in, part two

A Study in Darkness - Emma Jane Holloway

In a steampunk version of London Evelina Cooper is forced to work for one of the city’s tyrannical steam barons after a broken heart leads her into a compromising situation.  A Study in Darkness is book two of The Baskerville Affair trilogy, and while just as long and lush with detail as its predecessor, it is grimmer.  


In spite of her mistake Evelina has brains, mechanical aptitude, and a touch of magical ability, no surprise since she’s a former circus performer and the niece of Sherlock Holmes.  She needs all those skills now that she’s living semi-undercover in one of the worst parts of the city while trying to gather information for a man she has every reason to fear. Her circumstances have changed greatly since the last book when Evelina and her best friend Imogen were being presented to society and having their first season, but given Evelina’s vagabond background it’s something of a homecoming  and even with the danger she finds herself enjoying the increased freedom.


Though featuring Evelina, these stories are told from multiple points of view and I love that so many of the characters have their say and are important to the plot.  Even Imogen’s younger sister Poppy and neglected sister-in-law Alice play active roles, and Nick, Evelina’s circus friend/boyfriend, really shines. Book three of the series is set to come out at the end of December and I can’t wait. Meanwhile, there are free prequel/sequel short stories on author Emma Jane Holloway’s website that fill the time gaps before and between  the novels.

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