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The Darcy Cousins

The Darcy Cousins - Monica Fairview I didn’t enjoy this second Pride and Prejudice sequel by Monica Fairview, which features Georgiana, Mr. Darcy’s shy, somewhat reserved and much younger sister, as she prepares to make her debut in society, as much as the first. Because Georgiana needs to break out of her shell there is sometimes a tendency for her to be a little churlish and her love interest, while convincingly perfect for her in the end, is not as charming as last book’s Robert Darcy, Mr. Darcy’s American cousin. Still, this book has many wonderful aspects. Both Robert Darcy and his bride Louisa Bingley are back from the first sequel along with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy who are enjoying being new parents. Much of the action is set at Rosings Park where Lady Catherine De Bourgh is up to her old tricks trying to manipulate everybody, including her daughter Anne who finally makes her own satisfying bid for freedom. Mr. Collins is as ridiculously obsequious as ever and Colonel Fitzwilliam is ever helpful and polite, even when he’s more than once put on the spot. New characters play some of the most important roles, including Clarissa Darcy, another Darcy American cousin, whose lively, unconventional style attracts the men to such an extent that Georgiana develops a plan to try to emulate her. Monica Fairview’s characterizations consistently ring true for me and she’s created a very complete and appealing P and P sequel world. I look forward to reading any new books she writes in this series.