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A Voice in the Box

A Voice in the Box - Bob Edwards When Morning Edition debuted on NPR in 1979 Bob Edwards was its original host, and he stayed in that job for almost 25 years as Morning Edition became one of the most popular shows on the radio. Then, inexplicably, he was fired in 2004, a hugely unpopular move. At the time I had already been considering subscribing to satellite radio, so when he was hired almost immediately by XM Satellite Radio to host his own hour-long, in-depth interview show I signed up and largely based on his show I'm still a subscriber today. Bob Edwards has continued to make some of the best shows on the radio, so good in fact that NPR could not resist--a digest of his daily satellite shows is now part of NPR's weekend lineup. This book is the story of his life in radio, and it will be fascinating to anyone interested in the early days and evolution of NPR, satellite radio and Bob Edwards himself.