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Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead

Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead - Sara Gran No one really wants their mysteries solved. That’s what Claire DeWitt, the world’s greatest private investigator, believes. Instead, solving mysteries is a quest or an almost holy compulsion towards the truth for the true detective. The clients already know the resolution, but they don’t want to. They hire a detective to prove that that their mystery cannot be solved.Claire DeWitt is a jambalaya-like mixture of a character. A hard-headed, soft-hearted, rapier tongued, self-proclaimed crazy woman. She relies on I Ching , large quantities of drugs and alcohol, and an obscure, severe guide, Détection, written by French detective Jacques Silette, to help her find and interpret clues. Set in a colorful but unreconstructed, post-Katrina New Orleans, this is a weird and wonderful book, more thoughtful than your average mystery story. Hired then fired by the nephew of a well-liked District Attorney who has been missing since the storm, Claire continues the investigation anyway, chasing clues and dodging bullets in some of the worst sections of town. This is the first of what should be an interesting series.