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Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Stephanie Plum Novels)

Smokin' Seventeen - Janet Evanovich, Lorelei King I loved the early books in this series, but in recent volumes the formula has seemed a little tired and flat. Maybe I was just in the right mood, but I thought this latest Stephanie Plum novel was a lot more fun than the last few. Stephanie's heart and libido are still vacillating erratically between Ranger and Morelli, and this time around the situation is further complicated by an old world evil-eye curse courtesy of Morelli's diminutive but vindictive Grandma Bella. Plus there's Dave, the far too friendly ex-high school football star Stephanie's mother repeatedly invites to dinner and wants her to marry.If you've read the series you know the regular, endearing but cartoon-like characters and general Jersey scene. This time around the bonds office is out of commission, destroyed in the last book, so Vinnie, Connie, Lula and Stephanie have set up shop in stoned-out Mooner's magic bus. Bodies keep showing up in the construction zone where the bus is parked, Stephanie and Lula are chasing a geriatric vampire wanna-be (a nice, contemporary paranormal touch), and no less than three people are hoping to have the pleasure of offing Stephanie in various creative ways.