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Blameless (Parasol Protectorate Series #3)

Blameless  - Gail Carriger For me this series just keeps getting better and better. Set in a very proper, protocol obsessed Victorian England whose citizenry is enhanced with foppish vampires and semi-tame werewolves, heroine Alexia to her chagrin still manages to stand out because she is soulless, giving her strange powers that few people, mortal or immortal, completely understand. In this book Alexia has to flee England because she is pregnant and her werewolf husband, Lord Conall Maccon, doesn’t believe it’s possible that he could be the father of the child—certainly werewolves have never been known to breed before. Or have they? Once word of her pregnancy is out every vampire in England and on the continent wants her dead, just at the inconvenient moment that she’s lost the protection of her husband’s werewolf pack. The one vampire who would help her, her dear friend Lord Akledama, has inexplicably disappeared.The continent has a much less liberal attitude about supernaturals than England does, but Alexia is in search of answers about her pregnancy. Far from home and having to endure unrelenting attempts on her life, Alexia has the added trial of having a very hard time getting a proper cup of tea, a civilized refreshment which would be so extremely welcome under her very trying circumstances. Both the plot of this book and the series as a whole race along in a hold your hat on kind of way. Settings and circumstances change, characters continue to develop and further insights into the book’s alternate world continue to be revealed in an organic manner. I was especially pleased that Alexia’s friend Ivy redeemed herself in this volume; last time around she was more of a burden, like Alexia’s silly sisters, than a friend.