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Clarity (Clarity Series #1)

Clarity - Kim Harrington This faced paced paranormal murder mystery has a lot going for it. Sixteen year-old Clarity is great--quick witted, quick tempered, independent and loyal. Because of her ability to see things that aren't there she's considered a freak which gets her bullied, but she is perfectly capable of defending herself with snappy comebacks and even sharp elbows, so she doesn't waste much time feeling sorry for herself.During summers she works in the family business with her mother and brother, giving psychic reading to the tourists who visit their beach town. It's how they keep food on their table, but it's a little lame just amusing middle-aged vacationers so she jumps at the opportunity to help solve a crime when an out of town visitor is murdered. Figuring out who the killer is becomes even more important when she thinks her brother might be involved. Her gift of second sight gives her clues, but she has to use her intelligence and good sense to figure out what they mean.Clarity's paranormal abilities haven't turned off all of her peers. She has at least two, maybe three, very cute potential love interests so even while she is running around trying to solve the crime sparks are flying.One of the best things about this book is that it seems like it might be the beginning of a series. It would be fun to see Clarity again and there are certainly mysteries still to solve after the last page. What happened to her long gone father for instance? And What is she going to do about all those cute guys?