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Just Around the Corner Romance En Casserole

Just Around the Corner Romance En Casserole - Fannie Hurst Set in the big city, the career girls in Just Around the Corner fall head over heels in love with the right man disguised as the wrong man or the wrong man who becomes the right man, or the wrong man who just stays manipulative or clueless to the end. These short stories by Fannie Hurst have the wit and charm of those old black and white movies with snappy dialog and smart but wide-eyed heroines, and later Hurst did adapt some of her work for the big screen. Published in 1914 most of these stories have a surprise twist at the end that still feels fresh almost a century later. Fannie Hurst lived until 1968 and was an early feminist, believing among other things that women should keep their maiden names, and a promoter of gay rights on her NYC based radio program Showcase.