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Last of Her Kind

The Last of Her Kind - Sigrid Nunez What does it mean to live completely and uncompromisingly by your principles? This novel, a compelling dual portrait of two college roommates who meet as freshman in 1968, captures the personal dilemmas, group obsessions and cultural divides of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Coming from a rough, impoverished childhood, Georgette George lives instinctively by the motto, “Don’t let the pack know you’re wounded” so she is flummoxed by her brilliant, privileged, idealistic roommate who wants to talk late into the night sharing every experience, idea and feeling. That roommate, Ann Drayton, is repulsed by the wealthy ruling class she was born into and romanticizes the underprivileged life Georgette is hoping college will help her escape. Post-college, as Georgette begins leading an increasingly conventional adult life, she continues to feel challenged by and concerned about the adamantly idealist Ann, who is preparing to teach inner city school children with her post-revolutionary African American boyfriend. Also part of the story is Solange, Georgette’s runaway, psychologically fragile sister who is deeply embedded in the hippie era drug culture.