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Beyond Road's End: Living Free in Alaska

Beyond Road's End: Living Free in Alaska - Janice Schofield Eaton This book, especially the beginning of it, was gripping. Reading it gave me the vicarious thrill of chucking modern conventions and conveniences to reinvent my life in several gorgeous-sounding Alaskan wilderness areas. Building my own cabin, foraging for food, hiking miles across wildflower-covered fields surrounded by snow-capped mountains--I've done it all . . . er . . . I mean I've read about it all. My only quibble--and this detracted from my experience enough that I gave the book 3 stars instead of 4--was the author's writing style, in particular her use of what had to be made-up dialog, usually between herself and her husband, to move the story along and give the reader background information. Using dialog like this has the effect of shutting us out of her heart and mind, keeping the story on the surface level and the reader at arms length. I'm grateful she shared the details of her adventure, but Schofield doesn't reveal as much as I would like of what she was thinking and feeling during it all.