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Earthly Pleasures

Earthly Pleasures - Karen Neches This book imagines Heaven's Hospitality Sector for the newly dead, who are eased into the Great Beyond with "What to Expect When You're Expired" pamphlets handed out by computer literate, cubicle-bound, well intentioned but sometimes short-tempered, pre-angel Greeters. Though she tries to squelch what she fears is a wildly inappropriate feeling, one of these Greeters, Skye Sebring, falls for an Earth guy--she watches him on Earthly Pleasures, the most popular reality show in Heaven, and they have a brief but intense exchange when he pops in and then abruptly out of her cubicle during a near death experience. By the end all the obvious and not so obvious problems that come with being in love with someone from another dimension are solved. I read this the same day Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died--it was nice to believe briefly in a happily ever after.