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Born Again

Born Again - Kelly Kerney Oh, this is a beautifully written novel. Sometimes I would leave my bookmark back a page or two so I could reread particularly gorgeous passages. I think this is so far Kelly Kerney's only book and I hope she writes more. Mel, a young evangelical teenager, goes from faith and conviction to reflection, expanding awareness and doubt. The Origin of Species is assigned reading for Mel's invitation-only academic camp, but she knows her parents and God would not approve. Mel hides the book from her parents and bargains with God--she'll bring her best friend Beth to the church play so she can be saved (Mel wants to see Beth in heaven anyway). One book for one soul. Plus, since Mel knows her Bible inside and out(she's the Bible Quiz Champion), she decides she should read Darwin to disprove him. The characters, especially Mel's mixed-belief family, and settings, including Mammoth Cave and the vaguely sinister chemical factory where her brother works, all serve the story well. This is a wonderful book-artistic, intelligent and compassionate