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The playboy prince gets some new respect

The Heir Apparent: A Life of Edward VII, the Playboy Prince - Jane Ridley

This cradle to grave biography of Queen Victoria’s colorful, often rebellious son King Edward VII, or Bertie,  weaves a detailed, hard-to-stop-reading account  of the Victorian and brief but influential Edwardian eras in Britain and the Continent  through the lives of their interrelated royals. Belittling, controlling, and emotional, Queen Victoria as seen in The Heir Apparent is a mother you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, much less the future king of Britain.


Author Jane Ridley had new access to royal archives that allowed her to create this somewhat revisionist look at Bertie’s reign, taking his diplomatic successes--including his work to increase the popularity of the royal family--more seriously than previous biographers. There is even an actually interesting Afterward in which the author gives the history behind some of Bertie’s other biographies and critiques them for spin. As someone fascinated by Edwardian and Victorian history, royalty, and literature I found a lot to enjoy in this book.

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