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Lighthearted romp

Miss Lacey's Last Fling - Candice Hern

On the surface, Rosie and Max make an odd pairing. She’s a frumpy, over the hill spinster (26!) who’s lived her entire life in the country, but believing she’s about to die she heads to London to enjoy what little time she has left. He’s one of the most notorious rakes of London’s Regency society who’s seen and done it all so many times he’s bored enough that he’s considering suicide.


Once in the city, Rosie asks her scandal prone aunt for help with a makeover and then armed with a list of delights to experience before she dies she jumps wholeheartedly into London’s social scene, determined to see the sights and have all the fun she can while not worrying one bit about her reputation. Max has never seen anything like it and while he’s not the sort to get serious about any woman and just sticks around to keep Rosie safe as a favor to her aunt, still  there is something about Rosie and, well . . . you can guess the direction of the storyline, but even knowing where it is going there are still delightful, sometimes laugh out loud surprises. This is a lighthearted and entertaining book--a wonderfully fun romp from start to finish.


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