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The State of the Union of Jane Austen, Fact and Fiction by Devoney Looser

Devoney Looser, Austen scholar by day and roller derby star under the alias Stone Cold Jane Austen by night, has a long article about Austen scholarship and popular culture in the Los Angeles Times. From the second paragraph:


The present-day Jane Austen seems shaken, not stirred into popular culture. Is it really all that surprising, then, that the interests of the best critics and the most uncritical consumers of her might converge? Although the literati may understandably be appalled by the recent proliferation of action figures, devotional verse, and plastic bandages, even the purists among us can’t deny that Austen’s inhabiting these forms must alter how we read her fiction. Marjorie Garber has declared that the first line of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice — “It is a truth universally acknowledged” — has morphed into a cultural bromide, so oft-repeated as to be emptied of meaning. But the celebrity of Austen herself is anything but commonplace or unoriginal.


The State of the Union of Jane Austen, Fact and Fiction    



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