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Rapunzel as a computer hacker held captive in an orbiting satellite

Cress - Marissa Meyer

This futuristic sci-fi fairy tale series continues to be inventive, suspenseful, and fun. In this third of four books we spend more time with Cress, a shy, romantic, computer hacker Rapunzel who has been trapped in an orbiting satellite instead of a tower. She now joins Cinder, a mechanically gifted cyborg Cinderella determined to rescue the prince, and Scarlet, a hoodie wearing space pilot Red Riding Hood who’s partnered with the genetically modified lunar soldier Wolf, as the cohorts struggle against the odds in their quest to overthrow the evil queen of the Moon, now threatening to wrest control of Earth. We’re also given an intriguing glimpse of Winter, the Snow White stepdaughter of the lunar queen, who will have her turn to shine in book four. With a growing group of great characters, cleverly integrated sci-fi elements, and plots that sweep readers along in the action, The Lunar Chronicles remains one of my favorite series.


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