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Great Escape!

Dancing with Paris (A Paris Time Travel Romance) - Juliette Sobanet

Time travel where you go back to 1950’s Paris and slip into the body and life of a risqué burlesque dancer?  Sign me up.


Straight-laced Claudia Davis finds herself in an awkward predicament. Pregnant from a one night stand, Claudia is now in love with another man, a suave but kindhearted French actor she meets at her grandmother’s ballroom dancing studio, but before she gets a chance to tell him how she feels she falls and bumps her head, waking up back in time inside the body of a gorgeous young dancer accused of murdering a fellow cabaret star. Scared and desperate to get back to her old life, Claudia has just a few days to straighten everything out, or else . . .

In spite of the dangers Claudia can’t help enjoying her lithe new body, the sensual pleasures of the City of Lights, the racy dance routines she can suddenly perform, and the solicitous attention of a handsome Parisian. Dancing With Paris is written in a bright lively style that sweeps you up, allowing you to feel the swirling wind on the boulevards, see the sparkling snow on the Tour d'EIffel, and smell the buttery croissants in the boulangers. I haven’t been to 1950’s Paris so I can’t tell you if that city is accurately evoked, but either way this book version of it is a fun destination.

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