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Noticed while reading Plato at the Googleplex

Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won't Go Away - Rebecca Goldstein 36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction (Vintage Contemporaries) - Rebecca and Halter,  Marek 'Goldstein The Mind-Body Problem - Rebecca Newberger Goldstein Betraying Spinoza: The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity - Rebecca Newberger Goldstein Incompleteness: The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel (Great Discoveries) - Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Rebecca Goldstein's Plato at the Googleplex sets that ancient philosopher loose in our world to strip away those modern unexamined assumptions that separate us from true self knowledge.  Frank & Ernest have a question for him:


Frank & Ernest



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