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Season 2 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries starts tonight!

Cocaine Blues - Kerry Greenwood Unnatural Habits: A Phryne Fisher Mystery - Kerry Greenwood Flying Too High  - Kerry Greenwood Death Before Wicket (Phryne Fisher, #10) - Kerry Greenwood

In 1920s Melbourne, a glamorous woman moonlights as a detective.


Here in the Washington, DC area the second season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries starts tonight on PBS! It's a fun show, based on a series of books I keep meaning to read, and it has clothes so gorgeous even I notice.  


Miss Fisher's Mysteries



Here's a link for a YouTube trailer posted when it was showing in some other part of the world: YouTube 

Source: http://jaylia3.booklikes.com/post/868522/season-2-miss-fisher-s-murder-mysteries-starts-tonight-