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Should this marriage be saved? I’m still not sure . . .

Landline - Rainbow Rowell

I love Rainbow Rowell’s other books, particularly Fangirl, and I enjoyed Landline too, but not quite as much. It’s worth reading because it has Rowell’s trademark wonderful cast of quirky characters and it showcases Rowell apt skills as a writer and storyteller, but it’s essentially about the redemption of a troubled marriage that’s so fraught I sometimes had mixed feelings about it being “saved.”  


Other than each other, what Georgie and Neal want out of life is so different it will always cause conflicts between them, and while that may be how some real life relationships are the intense, sulky, withdrawn aspects of Neal’s character are qualities I particularly dislike in any kind of partner, so it took me until far into the book before Rowell convinced me that Georgie would have wanted to marry Neal in the first place. Or that Neal would have wanted Georgie for that matter, but Rowell handles the challenge of writing about their marriage with deftness, and other people may not react to Neal the way I did.  


I listened to the novel’s audiobook which has a narrator who’s terrific at differentiating all the different character voices.

This was my first foray into the world of audiobooks and it went way better than my attempt to appreciate the special joys of graphic novels. As it turns out I spend a lot more time in my car than I thought--which is where I listened to this book--and even when I was only making a ten minute trip I effortlessly sank back into the world of Georgie and Neal every time. I’m delighted to discover a way to read more books!

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