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Twice Lost

The Twice Lost - Sarah  Porter

The Twice Lost is the last book in this haunting mermaid trilogy, and I'd recommend starting with Lost Voice and Waking Storms if you haven't read them first. The mermaids in this series are lost girls, something like Peter Pan's lost boys, who transformed from humans after being badly mistreated. Because they were abused in their former lives, mermaids don't like humans and sometimes use songs to kill them, but up till now they have managed to mostly stay hidden. Unfortunately, the truth is starting to leak out, and mermaids are being slaughtered. Luce fell in love with a human boy and has been something of an outcast, but as the book opens she is exhausting herself swimming down the Pacific coast from Alaska to warn mermaid tribes of the danger. When she reaches San Francisco she discovers and joins the twice lost-- hundreds of mermaids loosely banded together who've lost or been kicked out of their tribes and are now living under the city's docks. With a human-mermaid war about to begin Luce hopes this group of unaffiliated mermaids can be part of breaking the cycle of violence. 


While this isn't my favorite of the trilogy--that would have to be Waking Storms where Luce comes into her own and the story is more personal--this conclusion is not to be missed by anyone who loved the first two books. The writing continues to be beautiful and rich, and as in the earlier books the situations, characters, and choices are riveting and complex. This is especially true for Luce; the decisions she has to make are difficult and the results can only be imperfect. While there are only brief appearances by some older characters I would have liked to see more of, there are a lot of great new characters, both twice lost mermaids and humans with varying levels of mermaid sympathy or antipathy.