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She’s a space mercenary

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

The best thing about Fortune’s Pawn may be kick-ass main character Devi, a highly ambitious goal-driven space mercenary who who sleeps around some but is committed to her career and almost religiously devoted to her planetary king. It’s a toss up though because the setting is almost as cool. Devi’s universe has lots of different cultures and several varieties of intelligent life forms including giant birds, a particularly persnickety bird is Devi’s immediate boss, and human eating lizards who float around in tribe ships because they have no home planet, and one of these terrifying lizards is actually the ship’s medical doctor which certainly adds some interest to the story.  


Devi takes her current job aboard a rag-tag trade ship because she’s gotten a reliable tip that it will further her goal of becoming a Devastator--an elite group of warriors who serve her king. Of course the ship and its crew are not what they seem at first and Devi spends a good part of the book trying to uncover secrets and figure out what’s going on without getting fired. When she’s not snooping she’s battling ship invaders wearing her very awesome high-tech suit of armor or trying to seduce the crew’s cook .


In an interview author Rachel Bach says she wrote Fortune’s Pawn because she wanted to read a love story set in space and couldn’t find one, but for me romance is not the strongest aspect of the book. The cook Devi is pursuing has a friendly but aloof, sometimes almost passive, demeanor and though it turns out there is a good reason for him to act this way their relationship didn’t generate much interest in me. I did enjoy Devi’s friendly new-age oneness-of-the-universe type roommate, and if I continue the series she, along with Devi, will be part of the reason. Though I love the characters and setting, the plot didn’t engage me as much as I would like, but readers who want a book with a strong female lead will certainly find one in Devi. Fortune’s Pawn ends in a cliffhanger, it almost just stops, but fortunately the other two books in the trilogy are already published.


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