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#BookADayUK Catch-up

To Say Nothing of the Dog - Connie Willis Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke War and Peace - Larissa Volokhonsky, Richard Pevear, Leo Tolstoy

Three days behind . . .


A book that made me laugh out-loud: To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, which is surely the most hilarious Victorian/WWII time travel romance literary romp all in quest of the elusive bishop's bird stump that I have ever read. It had me laughing out-loud from the first page.



My favorite SF/Fantasy: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, an alternate British history of the Napoleonic era with magic, a novel so rich and elaborate there are detailed footnotes, each one a story in itself. The characters are reminiscent of Jane Austen's.



My favorite book in translation: Tolstoy's War and Peace (more Napoleon!) translated by husband and wife Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. I first read it over a long weekend during college and it was as if I was living in snowy Moscow, hearing its church bells chime, even though I was actually dream-walking around hot and humid Annapolis in September. This is the book that made me fall in love with Russia.


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