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#BookADayUK Day 4--Favorite all-American Novel

Digging to America - Anne Tyler

The meaning of family, cultural differences, and the process of assimilation are addressed in this novel by Anne Tyler. Digging to America moved me deeply and kept me thinking about it long after I'd finished. As it opens two families meet by chance at the Baltimore airport, both awaiting their adopted infant daughters who are coming from Korea. The Donaldsons are are a friendly, "all-American," say-whatever-you-think clan and the Yazdans are a fully assimilated Iranian-American husband and wife along with the husband's mother, Maryam, who still feels like, and to some extent even cherishes being, an outsider.


Bitsy Donaldson impulsively suggests they all get together every year to celebrate "Arrival Day" and they do, allowing a fascinating look at the families' lives, choices, and parenting styles through the years. I became very attached to Maryam, the main character, so when her self image is challenged as she is courted by Bitsy's recently widowed father it was hard to separate myself from the book. Anne Tyler is a superb writer, and this is by far my favorite of her books.

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