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Sweet and silly

Sprig Muslin - Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer at her best, what more is there to say? This lively, two-romance, regency romp is so silly and sweet I enjoyed it most in small portions, like dessert. Amanda is a live-wire--young, determined, pretty and scandalously unattended because she’s run away from her doting grandfather hoping to marry her soldier boyfriend. Handsome but with a tragic love history, Sir Gareth runs into Amanda as he is on his way to propose to his old friend Hester, an “on the shelf” woman in her late 20’s, who’s taken advantage of by her family.


Gareth would like to return Amanda to her grandfather, but she refuses to tell him her last name and even tries to escape again, so to keep her out of trouble Gareth takes the loudly protesting Amanda with him to Hester’s family home, causing all kinds of uproar, confusion, and misunderstandings. Is Amanda Sir Gareth’s young mistress? How shocking to bring her along when proposing marriage to another woman!

Nobody expected that poor Hester would find a suitor at this point in her life, but far from acting like an “old maid” Hester is an appealing combination of sensible and freethinking. Even though her current living situation is difficult she is not willing to settle for the companionable marriage Gareth is offering, but being a friend she does try to help him with Amanda, who she has great sympathy for. Has anyone made a movie of a Heyer book? With its galloping fast action and nonstop repartee Sprig Muslin would make a great film.

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