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Entertaining cozy with tempting food and an international cast

Aunty Lee's Delights: A Singaporean Mystery - Ovidia Yu

Motherly, list compiling, sharp but with a tendency to act strategically distracted, Auntie Lee is a wealthy Singaporean widow who runs a restaurant just because she’s curious (nosy) and enjoys being of service, though not everyone actually appreciates this. When the bodies of two young women wash up on the local beach Auntie Lee is convinced the police could use her help--after all, both women have eaten at her restaurant--and she’s not wrong because tasty gifts of Singaporean delicacies allow Auntie Lee to push her way through closed doors and ask a lot of questions.


Food lore and Auntie Lee’s cooking inspired philosophies are part of the fun, and the story is told from multiple points of view which is especially entertaining because there’s an international multicultural cast: Singaporean residents  who are ethnic Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian, and Filipino, and tourists from America and Australia. Not all of those characters are likeable, but while the solution wasn’t a complete shock there were still surprising twists and turns and the story is irresistible.


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