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Book a Day #23 --Favorite book with an exotic setting

Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortunes: A Novel - Betsy Woodman Love Potion Number 10: A Jana Bibi Adventure - Betsy Woodman Emeralds Included: A Jana Bibi Adventure - Betsy Woodman

With wonderful diverse quirky characters (including a fortune telling parrot), eccentric grand but dilapidated architecture, and lush beautiful scenery, I don't think any series makes me happier than Betsy Woodman's Jana Bibi books, set in a small Indian hill station in the 1960's. They are books I wish I could live in or at least visit on an extended time-traveling vacation. 


Janet MacPherson Laird, aka Jana Bibi, is Scottish in heritage, but she's lived in India for most of her 58+ years and it's where she most likes to be, so she's very pleased when she learns she's inherited her Grandfather's Jolly Grant House estate in Uttar Pradesh. It needs a lot of work--it's overrun by monkeys for one thing and it takes a bagpipe playing Gurkha to drive them out--but that just connects Jana more closely to the people of the town.


In the first book she helps save the town from being flooded by a new, government planned dam, the second book involves international bird smugglers and possible love, and in the third book her son is coming to town to introduce Jana to his Hungarian fiancée, provoking a flutter of activity. The stories are topical and very much of their period, not so long after India's independence, so historical interest is included among their many pleasures. 

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