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Elizabeth I’s reign made vivid through historical fiction

The Marriage Game - Alison Weir

Spanning thirty years from Elizabeth I's coronation in 1558 to the historic events of 1588 and with an epilogue reflecting on the events of the rest of her life, Alison Weir's The Marriage Game is a mesmerizing book that kept me racing through its pages. Information presented in story form makes more of an impression and sticks with me better than dry facts, which is why I love books of this kind--well researched, vividly written historical fiction.

Basing this novel on historical fact, recorded verbal exchanges, and legend, Weir gives readers a glimpse into what may have been going on in Elizabeth's heart and mind during the years of her reign when she used marriage negotiations as a diplomatic tool to strengthen her position at home and abroad. Blending a love story (which was steamier than you might expect from the Virgin Queen) with the portrait of a strong ruler and fascinating woman, The Marriage Game will be especially interesting to readers wanting to know more about Tudor history.


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