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Delightful 1920’s mystery

Death at Wentwater Court  - Carola Dunn

This lighthearted Downton Abbey era 1920’s mystery totally charmed me. Daisy Dalrymple comes from a titled family, but after her brother was killed in the Great War and her father died in the flu epidemic their estate passed to a distant relative (shades of Jane Austen!) leaving the remaining female family members somewhat impoverished. Daisy is quite cheerful about working for a living though, and being a society girl doors open for her, so she’s off to Wentwater Court to to write a story for Town & Country magazine. Then nasty Lord Stephen Astwick dies in what looks like an early morning ice skating accident bringing police on the scene. Naturally Daisy is ready to help officials and the family in any way she can, placing her in the heart of the investigation. The handsome detective in charge isn’t, of course, in her class, but Daisy is an open minded young woman so who knows what may develop in the course of this series? This is the first of so far 21 books and another is coming out in June 2015 so I envision many happy hours of reading.


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