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Before Seraphina there was Amy

Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming - Rachel Hartman Seraphina - Rachel Hartman Shadow Scale - Rachel Hartman

Before she wrote Seraphina and the just released Shadow Scale, Rachel Hartman created comics set in the same rich and wonderfully elaborate world of humans and dragons. Amy Unbounded is a collection of stories 7 through 12 from that series, bound together to be like a graphic novel. Set some years before the events of Seraphina, these stories feature spunky 10-year-old Amy, a Goreddi combination of Anne of Green Gables and Harriet the Spy, as well as earlier versions of several of the characters (Dame Okra among them!) from the Seraphina duology.


Graphic novels and comics are not normally my thing, but it was great fun discovering all the connections to Seraphina. It’s a much lighter, slighter and of course shorter story than what’s in the Seraphina books.


Amy Unbounded  is out of print and not an easy book to get your hands on if your library doesn’t have it. Amazon and other online sites sell copies for $30+. Fortunately for me my sister snatched one up when the price was lower.


Since I love the extensive world Hartman has created I was absolutely thrilled to learn she will not be leaving it behind now that the Seraphina series is complete. Hartman is planning another duology based in the same setting--Hooray!


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