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An amaz conclusion for a totally zan series!

Earth Flight - Janet  Edwards

Earth Flight is the third book in this series featuring Jarra, a feisty, junk food loving, slang savvy, far-in-the-future girl who’s handicapped by having an immune system that won’t allow her to portal off of the home planet, so if you haven’t read the first two books, this isn’t the place to start, but if you’ve enjoyed the others it would be nardle to miss this one because it’s a totally zan conclusion. At least I think it’s the close of a trilogy, but I’d love another book and this one ends with Jarra still having lots left to do. If this is the end I’m going to hate leaving this totally amaz universe behind.


In the previous book Jarra and her twoing partner Fian managed to send a message to the alien ship parked just above Earth, which keeps the young couple involved in the government’s first contact project, so now Jarra is juggling military duties, history of early humanity classes, dangerous dig site field work at the ruins of once magnificent Earth cities, and her relationship with Fian, which goes through a lot of changes in the story.


One of the things I’ve loved best about this series is how thoroughly Janet Edwards has developed the diverse cultures of the far flung off-Earth settlements, and we learn more them all in this book, especially the somewhat notorious Beta clans since Jarra has discovered she’s one of them. This isn’t a perfectly written series, but it’s “flaws” have actually seemed to enhance my pleasure. There’s info dumping, but it’s fascinating since the future Edwards imagines is so detailed and interesting, and Jarra can be a bit of a Mary Sue (though that’s less in this third book), but she’s utterly charming anyway because she’s so good natured and full of enthusiasm.


If you love this series check out Janet Edwards’s website for 8 free prequel stories that further explore all the off-Earth colonies.  Link here 

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