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Fast paced, warm hearted, loads of fun - Skating Under the Wire

Skating Under the Wire - Joelle Charbonneau

I needed an intensity break and with its small town setting, eccentric characters, and cozy mystery Skating Under the Wire was perfect. In this fourth outing Rebecca Robins has to juggle managing the roller skating rink she inherited from her mother with performing bridesmaid duties for her jittery ex-stripper best friend who’s marrying one of the town’s ministers, solving a perplexing series of ten year old Thanksgiving day burglaries a too sweet to be refused neighbor begged her to look into, and figuring out who would murder one of the town’s most beloved senior citizens.  


Oh, and it looks like someone is not too happy with her snooping so add not getting killed to Rebecca’s to-do list.


There’s also an Elvis impersonating Grandfather wowing the ladies, a con artist father who may or may not be trying to go straight, a team of high energy but unsubtle roller derby women eager to be part of Rebecca’s investigation, a hard to resist veterinarian boyfriend who’s expecting commitment, and a formerly disgruntled cop who is suddenly being a lot more friendly. For those who’ve read the earlier books, we finally get to meet Jasmine, Rebecca’s straight talking ex-roommate from the big city of Chicago. Fast paced, warm hearted, loads of fun.




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