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Georgette Heyer reread and reviewed on Tor.com

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I've been considering rereading Georgette Heyer--it's been years, decades actually--but wasn't sure where to start or which books I would enjoy now. Luckily, MARI NESS and JO WALTON on Tor.com have done some of the investigative analysis for me.


With blog headlines like: 


Cross-Dressing for Safety and Romance: The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer

Creating a World of Irony and Froth: The Convenient Marriage

A Touch of Mystery with Derring-do: Georgette Heyer’s The Talisman Ring,

Creating a Sub-Genre by Accident: Georgette Heyer’s The Corinthian,

and A Dance of Witty Attraction: Frederica


I have a better idea of where I'd like to start. Plus the critiques are fun to read themselves.


List of Heyer posts on Tor

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